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The Concept
Distributors benefit from The Film Festival Group’s depth of experience and from our extensive network of relationships within the festival world.  The Film Festival Group will work with companies on festival, market, distribution and acquisition strategies for their titles, or be available to service festival requests on their behalf.  The Film Festival Group’s Studio Services offers a number of unique resources for distributors seeking assistance in the film festival arena:

Marketing Consultation and Film Placement Strategy
The Film Festival Group assists and advises distributors, studios, sales agents and producers on festival strategies for their projects.  Based on the marketing and distribution strategies for each title, The Film Festival Group will provide a detailed analysis on appropriate festivals and provide event timelines for their consideration.

Servicing of Title Requests by Festivals and their Programmers
We are well aware that many studios and distributors are overwhelmed by service requests from film festivals.  The Film Festival Group offers distributors the option of re-routing these festival requests through our company.  The Film Festival Group will work with client marketing and PR departments to determine overall festival strategies and responses.  The Film Festival Group will then compile festival requests and provide recommendations for final client determination.  The Film Festival Group can then supervise festival handling of client films to maximize exposure within the targeted markets.

Access to the The Film Festival Group Programming Database
The Film Festival Group provides clients with access to a specialized film database, offering reports on titles emerging from the world and independent film communities.  Our programmers have in-depth knowledge of films currently appearing on the festival circuit, in addition to a selection of titles yet to screen publicly.

We offer these studio services separately or as part of a package, based on the needs of each company.  In providing this package, The Film Festival Group relieves companies of the burden of servicing the ever-expanding festival community…now numbering some 3,000 worldwide!


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