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Outreach Strategies
The Film Festival Group works with festivals to maximize their outreach to filmmakers, local and extended audiences and the entertainment industry. With an understanding that film festivals function with tight budget restrictions, it is important to utilize creative, grass-roots approaches as well using traditional media. The Film Festival Group helps its clients develop comprehensive outreach and marketing plans.

Sponsorship Evaluation
Sponsors have target markets, sponsorship objectives and existing strategies for corporate outreach and exposure. Companies seeking involvement in the film festival arena look for specific benefits that can be developed for their participation. In order to evaluate and advise on maximizing a Festival’s sponsorship potential, The Film Festival Group will carefully consider the audience as well as the specific opportunities for exposure at a particular event. This analysis is essential in creating the most comprehensive Sponsorship Package possible, which in turn will be a Festival’s most important sales tool in attracting both cash and in-kind partners. The Film Festival Group guides client festivals in developing the most compelling presentation for cementing ongoing sponsor partnerships.

Sponsorship Package
Companies are inundated with requests for funding every year. Any festival looking to stand out to potential partners and receive funds from a very limited pool require professional sponsorship marketing material. After an evaluation of the event, locale and audience demographics, The Film Festival Group will work with Festival principals to establish appropriate sponsorship levels as well as visual displays, event access and promotional benefits for their event. The Film Festival Group can oversee this sales presentation from inception to design to printing.

Sponsor Management
Once a festival has locked cash and in-kind sponsorships, how these festival partners are serviced prior to, during and following an event is key to the success of the festival and its future potential for fundraising. The Film Festival Group has the extensive experience required in all matters of processing a sponsor’s involvement in an event.

Collateral Materials
Most marketing campaigns require creative print collateral. The Film Festival Group helps clients develop unique design concepts. Whether it's a script for a radio promotion, a full-color advertisement, or a stand-alone brochure promoting the festival, The Film Festival Group has the experience necessary to make the most of every opportunity.

Public Relations
All film festivals face the challenge of attracting the attention of the media to their programming, events and guest appearances. The Film Festival Group offers advice and counsel to its clients in all areas of public relations strategy. We have relationships with many of the leading PR agencies in the world, including almost all involved with the entertainment industry and the film festival circuit. The Film Festival Group's relationships can help clients obtain maximum exposure in the local, regional, national, international and industry press. We customize PR strategy to each client's specific needs, and build agency and media partnerships based on local conditions and long-term growth. The Film Festival Group can also help clients establish and staff local PR and press office operations, including festival media relations, accreditation and hospitality.


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