Special Events




After programming, special events are what audiences remember most about their festival experiences. The more distinctive and impressive, the more impact these events can have. For sponsors, special events (which can be either directly sponsored or part of an overall festival package) are often the most important aspect of a festival. The Film Festival Group offers a full range of planning, design and production services as client festivals conceive their event lineups.

Many festivals will produce a gala event as part of the festival experience, or, on occasion, during other times of the year. Galas are often the key fundraising events for festival organizations, and often account for a major portion of a festival's revenue. The Film Festival Group has extensive experience in putting together professional, entertaining and profitable galas for its clients.

Often incorporated into galas or planned as stand-alone events, tributes are often the centerpiece of many festivals. The Film Festival Group can assist with the planning of all aspects of the tribute, from identifying potential honorees to designing and coordinating the event itself. There are many models for successful tributes, and The Film Festival Group will assist its client in developing the kind of event appropriate for its community, organization and budget.

Special Screenings
Opening Nights, Closing Nights, Red Carpets, Movie Stars… Festivals are always seeking to maximize the audience experience, generate attention and gain income. Through these showcase events - and other special screening opportunities: retrospectives, director or actor showcases, etc. - festivals help identify themselves to their communities and the greater world. The Film Festival Group assists its client festivals plan and program these events for the greatest possible impact on publicity, audience satisfaction and revenue.

Panels, Seminars & Symposia
The Film Festival Group assists its clients in planning for these educational elements of the festival experience. We use our extensive contacts in the filmmaking community and entertainment industry to plan these events and invite key players to participate. Whether the event is intended for filmmakers, industry or the general public - and whether it is a free offering and a revenue-generating event, The Film Festival Group will assist its clients in presenting interesting, topical and engaging programs.

Fundraising Events
Festivals, like many other non-profit organizations, seek to generate revenue through additional fundraising activities throughout the year. Using golf and tennis tournaments, banquets, cocktail parties, cinema trips, special premier screenings, workshops, forums and any number of other revenue-generators, The Film Festival Group's team and expertise can help its clients imagine, plan and coordinate a wide range of these experiences. With the goal of ensuring the fiscal integrity of the organization and the future growth of the festival, these events can become a major component of a festival's year-round activities


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