Artistic Direction
Whether you need a structure for your Competition or assistance with creating themed sidebars or retrospectives, The Film Festival Group helps festivals design the best programming for reaching its audience. Developing and refining Film sections and programming appropriate to each festival’s community and overall vision is essential to any festival’s long-term success.

Programming Operations
The Film Festival Group helps festivals establish their overall programming structure, from “Call for Entries” templates to final film selection, and all the screening processes, evaluations and data systems that fall in between.  Proper organization of this department is critical to the success of any film festival.

The Film Festival Group helps design and implement a programming structure for the client Festival, including:

Program Focus and Organization: The Film Festival Group will assist the client festival’s Executive Director, Director of Programming and other principals design and implement a comprehensive for the Programming Department of the Festival, including mission statement, section identification, program design and staffing.  It can further assist clients in soliciting films and filmmakers desired for festival programs.

Programming Department Coordination: The Film Festival Group helps client festivals establish procedures to process submitted films, develop screening committees, institute review guidelines and implement databases to track submissions and programmed films.

Official Competitions: The Film Festival Group will assist in the development and design of an Official Competition for the client.  This can include competition design and guidelines, assistance in creating awards program and the endowments to support them, jury empanelment and the publicizing of festival programming and competition to the appropriate communities.

Studio Outreach: Most festivals pride themselves on the exhibition of independent cinema, but many continue to incorporate a number of studio pictures, whether it’s a hot new title from a an independent studio or a more mainstream Hollywood movie.  These movies help sell tickets, showcase celebrities and generate publicity.  The Film Festival Group has relationships at many studios and distribution companies and can be instrumental in helping festivals procure specialty titles.


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