The Film Festival Group offers a full range of production services. We provide consulting, event, stage and production management for any festival event, big or small. Quality presentation is essential to offering a positive experience for audiences, filmmakers and sponsors alike.

Venue Evaluation, Management and Technical Standards
The Film Festival Group can provide a thorough evaluation of a festival's venues and production needs. We analyze screening rooms and other venues and make sure that the presentation quality meets the highest possible standard of presentation. Festival audiences today know what to look for in a screening venue, and our goal is to have the audience see and hear each film as its creator intended.

Projection Services
The Film Festival Group offers access to film and video projection, playback decks, projectionists, technicians and screens to guarantee the best possible experience for the festival audience. Whether the venue is a single-screen theatre, a multi-plex or a screening room created explicitly for the festival, The Film Festival Group can service the production and presentation needs of the organization.

Video Standards & Projection
Festivals - and indeed all exhibitors’ - face a dizzying array of options for video presentation. Considering the range of formats employed by filmmakers: 24pHD, 720iHD, 1080p60HD, D5, HD-CAM, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DV-Cam, Mini-DV, Hi8, DVD, VHS, and many others, festivals must deal with the technical presentation hurdles of the modern age. The Film Festival Group can help its clients navigate these waters and offer solutions for optimal presentation.

Just as with video standards, cinemas and filmmakers face a range of choices for experiencing the soundtrack of a modern motion picture. Dolby E, SR, SR-D, DTS, SDDS, 5.1, 6.1, LT/RT, AC3 and all of the other optical, digital and magnetic sound formats confront festivals with an enormous range of choice and decisions. Audiences increasingly demand the highest quality sound presentation in their screening venues. The Film Festival Group can help festivals identify the sound standards appropriate for their event and work with their venues to offer the best experience for the audience.

Physical Production
Whether it's a screening, lecture, seminar, panel, symposium, tribute or any other publicly attended event, the quality of presentation directly affects the audience's experience. The Film Festival Group assists its client festivals with a broad range of support in all physical production areas, including direction, staging, lighting, sound, set/environment design and production and stage management.


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