Filmmaker Consulting



You’re prepping a film. You’re shooting a film. You’ve finished a film.  Have you done everything needed to ensure its eventual success? Do you have the right team to launch your film to the world? Do you have all of the deliverables and documentation that distributors require?  Do you have the right images, publicity and key art? Do you know which festivals, markets sales agents or distributors are most appropriate for your film?

In short, do you have a plan?

The Film Festival Group helps guide you through the maze of festival, market distribution and exhibition options that exist today.

What We Do
For a modest fee, The Film Festival Group will watch your film, offer an artistic and market critique and help you develop a plan to offer it to the world.

We will then make recommendations on creating the public relations, marketing, sales and distribution team that will best serve you film. Drawing on our extensive network and experience in the festival, market, distribution and exhibition worlds, we will advise you on the various options available for your project.  We offer consulting on festival, market and distribution plans, sales agent and producers’ reps, awards strategies, the development of key art and press materials, website design and the many other elements required for your film’s success.  In short, we serve as your information gateway to the complex world of getting audiences to see your film.


The Film Festival Group
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