Srategic Planning




Festival Evaluation
The Film Festival Group begins the evaluation process by discussing key objectives and missions with Festival principals, then travels to the Festival location for a thorough analysis of Festival operational structure, theaters, event venues and local audience demographics.

Festival Blueprint
Following the initial evaluation and analysis, The Film Festival Group provides a comprehensive timeline and strategy for each department, complete with scenarios and templates for all divisions, including: Artistic Direction, Sponsorship & Marketing, Operations, Programming and Special Events.  After developing the Festival Blueprint, The Film Festival Group continues to support the Festival as needed, providing guidance, counsel and planning for the future growth and development of the Festival.

Strategic Counsel
The Film Festival Group provides strategic counsel and long-term planning in any and all areas of the organization and event.

After scouting locations and considering the local landscape, venues, ticketing scenarios, operational needs and overall goals for Festival, The Film Festival Group develops a working budget for the Festival, breaking down all expense and revenue projections.

Board of Directors Development
Many film festivals utilize a Board of Directors for support in any number of areas, with members providing expertise and counsel in many different disciplines. Additionally, many boards are responsible for the financial stability of the organization. Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards are generally a combination of industry professionals, celebrities, programming veterans, local dignitaries and Festival supporters, as well as marketing and business leaders. The Film Festival Group will help develop a plan for Board development, growth and involvement, contribute lists of appropriate candidates, assist in outreach and provide guidance for board procedures. 


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